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  • Innocence Matters

    Oct 11 2020  About the people (including investigator Paul Ingels) who helped free an innocent Sherman Oaks man, Bruce Lisker, after 26 years of wrongful imprisonment.

  • Los Angeles Rams Coach Acquitted

    Oct 11 2019  A Ventura County Superior Court jury found Los Angeles Rams coach Ted Rath not guilty on three counts of misdemeanor sexual battery. The trial took place over six days, and the jury came to its decision in less than 30 minutes. Afterward the juries went on and on how this should have never been filed and it was totally unfair to Mr. Rath. They remarked it was a waste of time. Rath had been accused of touching a neighbor on her genitals while she slept. He was facing a year in prison for each count, along with lifetime registration as a sex offender.

  • Attempt Murder Case Dismissed

    Mar 4 2017  Charges were dismissed against a young, wrongly accused Armenian man at his Preliminary Hearing in Van Nuys. Attornies Meline Mkrtichian and Tony Myers presented a brilliant case, aided by evidence obtained by our team. The judge found that the witness ID of the defendant was contaminated, and surveillance video taken shortly after the shooting supported defense witness testimony that this was a classic case of mistaken identity. We are so thankful to Judge Leslie Dunn for her intellectual honesty and judicial integrity. Our client was released immediately.

  • People v. L.A. County Deputy

    Jan 5 2016  The Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office charged and Los Angeles County Sheriff Deputy for falsifying police reports in connection with his training of a deputy. This criminal complaint, which never should have been filed, falsely alleged the deputy instructed his trainee to prepare several falsified police reports. This multi-felony criminal case against the deputy was the first blemish in an impeccable career by the deputy who had received numerous accolades and citations for bravery working the streets of South Central Los Angeles. Investigator Ingels conducted an investigation in reference and learned that the trainee who had just recently been assigned to patrol from the county jail was failing his training miserably. The deputy had documented on numerous occasions the incompetence, laziness, and the absence of any work ethic whatsoever by the trainee. The trainee formulated a plan to keep from being sent back to the jail, which is what would have happened if he would have failed his training with his training deputy. His plan was to accuse his training officer of having him prepare false reports and such. This matter went to trial in front of a jury at the Criminal Courts Building in Downtown Los Angeles. The jury came back not guilty on all counts against the deputy in less than an hour. The trainee went on "disability" shortly after making these false charges against his training officer. The training officer continued with his stellar career as a law enforcement officer with the Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriffs and now holds the rank of lieutenant.

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